motivation-1389123_1280        When I was a Republican, years ago, if I had been encouraged to accept someone like Donald Trump as the party nominee for President of the United States, I would have said “No way; no how!”  I would have been an emphatic leader in the “Dump Trump” movement.

        Trump is likely going to be, notwithstanding efforts to the contrary, the Republican nominee for the presidency.  I have not been a Republican for nearly twenty years; so, I’m not awfully invested in Republican decision-making, despite what readers might think.

        I AM invested in the on-going efforts in Congress to deal someway, somehow with the issue of gun control.  It appears that nothing is working!–certainly not appeasing the NRA; certainly not outlawing any type of gun, certainly not doing anything that smacks of repudiating the Second Amendment.old-438035_1280 (2)

        To make sure readers really know what the Second Amendment says, here it is:  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        The context is obvious.  Now, we no longer need a citizen-based well-regulated militia.  It is clearly no longer “necessary to the security of a free State.” We have a powerful United States military establishment.  We have individual state National Guards, and every municipality has a well-qualified police force.

         I cannot envision a time when the guy across the street (I’m too old!) will be called upon to serve as a citizen-soldier in a “well regulated Militia” to protect the sovereignty of our nation.

        I have no problem with pistols for target shooting or for protection against home invasion.  I have no problem with the kind of weaponry my father owned for hunting.squirrel-111258_1280  Caveat:  As long as these weapons are kept secured from inquisitive children. When my son became a policeman, I gave him my pistol.  I told him I was assuming he knew how to handle it safely, and that I never wanted to hear that one of my grand-daughters had been killed by the mishandling of a pistol I had given their father.child-1260421_1280

         I do have a huge problem with individuals owning military-style weapons manufactured for the singular purpose of mass-killing human beings!  Manufacture and possession of these types of weapons must be outlawed in our country.  Further, a deadline should be set for the collection of these privately-held weapons–not by seizure–but by their being voluntarily surrendered to appropriate authorities–then destroyed!gun-728958_1280

         As to mass murderers using the aforesaid weapons, because they see no reason to obey the law, where would they obtain them?  Consider that illegal weapons would, as well, be collected by the appropriate authorities in due time.

        For the Congress to ignore the need for adequate gun control after the horrific deaths of hundreds of Americans in government buildings, schools, theaters, bars and at public events is nonsensical.  Legislators who refuse to act responsibly must, in the future, be denied a seat in the hallowed chambers of government.capital-273344_1280



refrigerator“Once upon a time, a couple of children died playing in abandoned refrigerators.

So laws were passed requiring manufacturers to make safer refrigerators.

And laws were passed requiring consumers to safely dispose of their refrigerators.

At no point did the National Refrigerator Association step in and try to stop this.

And now refrigerator death isn’t a problem any more.”




[Editor’s Note:  We believe Columnist With a View (columnistwithaview.com) is exactly that!  We do not expect all readers to agree with the opinions of all of our contributors (even me!).  We publish a wide variety of opinion on politics, religion and current issues. Edmond Sanganyado is an intelligent, thought-provoking young man, and we appreciate his contributions to our magazine.  This current article is a cogent discussion of Evolutionary Science vs Creationism.  We felt it was worthy of publication in our magazine.]

Is believing evolutionary creation dangerous to your faith?

I began battling arguments about evolutionary creation when I was in fourth grade. My grandmother believed in evolutionary creationism or theistic evolution. She always told us – her grandkids – that monkeys and baboons were our ancestors. And the All-Powerful One created a small bug that lived in water and over the years as the conditions on earth changed the bug changed until humans were formed.

Edmond Sanganyado is a graduate student in Riverside, CA where he lives with his wife and two sons. He is the author of several Christian Living books and 400+ blog posts. Sanganyado's articles have appeared in Columnist with a View (columnistwithaview.com) by the author's permission.
DEJA VU by Beth Rankin

DEJA VU by Beth Rankin

The term déjà vu is French and means, literally, “already seen.” Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn’t be familiar at all.

Of course you have to educated to recognize the connection when it happens. In other words, those people who do not know history, tend to repeat it.

I know personally how hard it is not to react in anger when something is irritating. I know personally how hard it is to stay calm and analyze a threat before making a decision what action I need to take. I also know personally that the road to a better world is to take a pathway of compassion and reconciliation whenever the personal threat is not imminent.

I also know that there may come a time (again) in my life when action will be needed. When there will be a risk to my own person with potential injury or even death. I know that there are some things that are so important that a stand must be taken.

Some people also feel that way but their threshold is a whole different place. Their personal arousal is close to the gutter as they react in anger without thought.

Such was the case yesterday when a woman in Kentucky was badly beaten because she looked “butch”. While it is easy to blame Trump for rallying the anger and fear of bigots, it is important to realize that the bigots’ hated and feared before Trump gave them “permission” to act out.

This is the same group of people who scorns the concept of “PC”. Political correctness to them is horrible. Why should they try to understand that people of color, women and people with various sexual orientation and identity want equal protection under the law? Why should they “love their neighbor as themselves?”

This incident in Kentucky yesterday is become a repeated event. What makes this even more remarkable is that people stood around and watched. They did not help. But they did not hinder.holocaustp

Does anyone besides me remember Kitty Genovese?  Nazi Germany where only a small minority of people tried to fight the tide of the horrible discrimination and death camps? Matthew Shepard? matthewshepherd

Why do people slink back into the shadows? Personal fear. Fear of being hurt and possibly killed themselves for the most part. Maybe also a small part that the people being mistreated deserve it. Maybe not so small a part?

But what happens to a society that decides some people just are really not equal. Not only not equal but they deserve punishment or death?

That society is very sick. That means the people who are that overall society have a horrible flaw in their soul, in their psyche, in their thinking.

Where are you on this? Why?

Beth Rankin is a talented writer, blogger and entrepreneur. One of her websites is: Goingplaceslivinglife.com She is a frequent contributor to Columnist With a View (columnistwithaview.com). She lives in McMinnville, Oregon with her husband Graham. She is also the founder of Can-Do Foods.


interview-851440_1280If you’re going to have a fight with someone, there are real advantages to picking on a federal judge. Judicial rules mean you can be just about as obnoxious as you want, and know that your opponent isn’t going to make a public reply. On the other hand, there are some issues—like the fact that you’re picking on a federal judge. This may tend to have the result that said judge doesn’t quite bend over backwards to make things easy for you in court.

A big part of Trump’s previous rants against Judge Gonzalo Curiel had to do with Curiel’s willingness to release some of the records related to Trump University, records that didn’t exactly make Trump’s educational con job look any less like a con job. Now that Trump has made an even bigger jackass of himself talking about the Mexican-from-Indiana judge, he’s back in front of that same judge begging for a favor.brainstorming-413156_1280

Lawyers for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are intensifying their drive to make sure the public doesn’t see videos of Trump’s recent testimony in connection with class-action fraud lawsuits over his Trump University real estate seminar program.

In a court filing late Wednesday night, Trump’s attorneys argued explicitly for the first time that the deposition videos should be kept under wraps because they would become weapons in the ongoing presidential contest.

So Trump is explicitly admitting that what he said in his testimony could stand against him in the election, donald-j-trump-1271634_1280but then, this is Trump’s own testimony, so what he says is going to be very, very hard for him to disown. And if there’s such a big public interest, why shouldn’t it be seen?

Hmm. What’s a judge to do? There’s a tradition—though not a law—around keeping video testimony of sitting presidents out of the public eye for a reasonable period. There’s no such tradition for candidates, no matter how much Trump’s team of lawyers is scrambling to make that claim.

Trump is just going to have to depend on the goodwill of the judge. That shouldn’t be an issue.

DonaldTrump created by Mark Sumner at 06/17/2016 01:03 PM DonaldTrump TrumpUniversity created by Mark Sumner at 06/17/2016 01:03 PM DonaldTrump TrumpUniversity gonzalocuriel created by Mark Sumner at 06/17/2016 01:03 PM Used with permission of Daily Kos.