THE TIME HAS COME! by Milt Hankins, Publisher/Editor

THE TIME HAS COME! by Milt Hankins, Publisher/Editor

I wish I were telling you about the marvelous success we continue to have at this point in the publication of Columnist With a View; but, unfortunately I’m not about that this evening. I’m deeply saddened because it’s all over.

During the  two and a half years of publishing and editing our webzine, we did have some enormous successes. We were able to give voice all around the United States and abroad to so many who might never have been read. It was a great joy to do that. We published articles, stories and poetry from people who never expected ever to be published; and, we brought a smile to the faces of many who contributed to and read our on-line magazine.

For the past six months, Deborah and I have been wracking our brains to figure out how we could continue to afford to publish; but the truth is, we came to the place where we simply could no longer handle the expenses without going into our meager savings. We almost literally begged for help, even establishing a Go Fund Me account, but the balance came to $10.00 which I…I mean myself…contributed as “seed” money. We tried a Facebook Fund account, but they did not accept us.

Let’s face it, I love Columnist With a View, and I believe it made a real contribution to many, many people who enjoyed it. It was a life-long dream, and I absolutely hate to give it up. But, as I pointed out to Deb, even some big New York magazines have folded because they could no longer support themselves! Not saying we were a big New York magazine–oh, you know what I mean. It’s no disgrace to fail in the publishing business.

So, we’re folding it up. I suppose it might stay on-line for a period of time–I don’t know. It depends on when our domain shuts down for lack of payment or our IT guy shuts it down for lack of payment. Today, we cancelled the automatic payment for our IT guy. Roosevelt, thanks so much for all you did to keep us going, but we just can’t do it anymore.

Thanks, folks, for all your contributions and your readership and your “shares” and your helping us grow to 20,000 people around the globe!

There is still one hope. I might decide to do all of the set-up work myself through a blog-site and still write. I think anyone can do that without all the expense of purchasing a domain name and having someone maintain it. I’ll have to talk about it with some friends who have a blog. We’ll see.  Bye-bye!



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To be honest, it’s difficult to write about Donald Trump when it comes to his salacious activities toward women. Do the words that come to mind fit? Misogynist (hatred of women)? Rapist (having sexual intercourse with a woman by use of force)? I’m not sure there is any legally-documented proof of rape. I suppose I could call Trump a womanizer; that is, one who seeks the company of women for sexual purposes. Most likely, he could be classified, a woman working on her master’s degree in social work explained to me, as a deviant, serial sexual harasser.

Sixteen or more women have accused Trump of sexual harassment. In light of the following, I can’t believe they have done so for fifteen minutes of fame. As a matter of fact, because of the cover-ups, most of us couldn’t name a single one of the women, but we all know the proclivities of Donald J. Trump!

An article by David A. Graham in The Atlantic (January 23, 2017) reported: “…a few days before Trump’s inauguration, former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos sued him in New York State, accusing the president of defamation.” Zervos was one of several women who, prior to the election, accused Trump of sexual assault or misconduct. “She claims that he kissed her and pressed his genitals against her non-consensually.” Of course, Trump denied the claims, saying all the women had fabricated their stories. “‘I wanted to give Mr. Trump the opportunity to retract his false statements about me and the other women who came forward,’ Zervos said. She added that she would withdraw the suit if Trump said she had been truthful. That seems unlikely, since a spokeswoman dismissed the suit immediately.”



As I write, a “professional escort,” known professionally as Stormy Daniels, is alleging a tryst with Trump, although she is being very coy about the nature of her engagement with him. “However, a fellow porn star Alana Evans claims that she knows the two had a sexual encounter because Daniels told her about it the next morning. Even though Trump has–why wouldn’t he?–denied the affair, Evans revealed some pretty shocking details about what she says he wanted her to do and what Daniels told her the following day.”

Slate’s Jacob Weisbert stated in his article that he was in touch with Daniels, who stated then-candidate Donald Trump “was willing to buy her silence on a year-long affair the two had a decade ago, when he was newly married to Melania Trump. Daniels told the journalist her and Trump’s lawyer “had worked out a six-figure “fee,” though the presidential candidate was dragging his feet on the final details, which is seemingly why she confirmed the relationship to a reporter, using it as an insurance policy.” If the news accounts are accurate, it appears that Trump reluctantly forked over $130,000!

I point out these are only two examples of many; but, it’s pretty hard to dismiss the unsavory stories that have surfaced in view of Trump’s own “Access Hollywood” tapes. An unedited transcript of this incident can be found in the New York Times, 2016, Election edition. It was broadly telecast on video at the time, however, and very few people have failed to see and hear it. 

During the exchange, Trump was clearly heard saying, “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss,” he was telling Billy Bush of Access Hollywood fame, “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything….Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Folks, I present to you the “godly” man who is President of the United States!

[All of the sources for the information contained in this article are cited in the article. Milt Hankins, the author of the piece, is the publisher and editor of Columnist with a View ( With his wife Deborah and their chihuahua Jose he lives in Ashland, Kentucky. He is the author of three books and writes a weekly column for the Huntington, West Virginia Herald-Dispatch.]





Yes. Everyone gets cancer. In fact, if you are reading this, then technically you have had, or will have cancer, some time today. Let me explain.


Cancer is a failure of the biological mechanisms that govern the normal lifecycle of cells in your body. For a range of reasons, the biological mechanisms that govern cell division, cell growth and cell death occasionally go wrong, resulting in cells growing and dividing uncontrollably. Cancerous cells may take over normal cells in surrounding tissue or detach, enter the bloodstream and spread to other parts of the body. Uncontrolled cancerous cell growth can cause other complications in the body, which can ultimately result in death.

There are various failures that can take place in the otherwise normal biological processes of cell lifecycle that can result in cancer. For example, a cell may receive an incorrect biological message from other cells telling it to multiply, a cell may not divide properly or a cell may fail to die as it was biologically programmed to do. The underlying causes of these failures is damage to cell DNA, which can in turn be caused by a wide range of factors including old age, random mutations, viral damage, the presence of particular chemicals, exposure to particular radiation energy etc.

Every minute, millions of cells in your body die and are replaced by new cells. This process goes wrong in a very, very small percentage of the time each and every day. However, in the vast majority of instances, the body’s own immune system or the cells’s own programming recognizes the failure and destroys the affected cell before cancer can take hold. In this respect, we all get cancer every day, but it is nothing to worry about because our bodies are capable of dealing with it.

Occasionally the body’s immune system fails to properly detect or manage these failures. For example, it may be that the form of cancer is such that the body does not recognize something has gone wrong; it may be that the damage is so widespread that the body’s immune system is overwhelmed or it may be that the body’s immune system is not working properly. When this happens, cancerous cells may take hold, resulting in a form of cancer disease.

So just to clarify, not everybody gets a cancerous disease, but everybody gets cancerous (or what are often referred to as pre-cancerous) damaged cells. Many people die from many other causes (including nothing more than old age) without experiencing a fully developed cancerous disease.

Minimizing exposure to things that have been associated with cancer, such as smoking, carcinogenic chemicals, excessive ultraviolet radiation, etc, can reduce your risk of developing a cancerous disease. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating, exercise, healthy levels of exposure to sunshine, good sleep patterns and stress reduction will give your body’s immune system the best chance of fighting off any cells that do go wrong and would otherwise threaten cancer.

[James Marshall, Accountant, analyst, hotelier, sci fi geek, philosopher.  Featured on Medical Daily; upvoted by Ricardo StrangMD, MSc., Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Full member of Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. … and Alexey DanilovGraduated Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy in 2005. 10 years in ortho surgery. This article is reprinted from Quora.]



Ray Schilling

Right now the limit of how old we can get is between 110 and 120 years. Occasionally you have outliers who turn a bit older. But the limiting factors are:

  1. Our energy organelles, the mitochondria are disappearing as we age. Each of our body cells has hundreds of these energy packages. If only 50 are leftover, our body energy is dwindling. The brain, the heart and the skeletal muscles have thousands of mitochondria in every cell. If half of these disappear, we fall asleep on a chair (senescent people do that) and we have a shuffled gait. Our heart may start failing, so congestive heart failure may sets in.
  2. Our DNA is stable most of our lives because we have repair mechanisms in place. But the older we get, the more mutations occur, as the repair mechanism ages. This can cause cancer. But we may also lose bits and pieces of our DNA and various body deficiencies start occurring.
  3. Our telomeres, the caps on each of our chromosomes are getting shorter, the older we get. This is no problem when we are younger. But as we age, the stem cells that normally have the longest telomeres are also starting to have shorter telomeres. Now this affects cell replacement. If you don’t replace the cells that are lacking you get organ deficiencies and organ failures. Many old people die because of heart failure, bone marrow failure (no blood cells, no immune cells), kidney failure, liver failure and dementia (brain failure).
  4. Until we will be able to address my concerns expressed under point 1 to 3 we will have problems extending our life expectancy limits.