It is with considerable consternation that I try to understand how folks can say anything positive about the Trump administration. We are nearing a third of the way through his first year in office. It doesn’t look promising.

Trump made wide-sweeping promises about what he could do, including putting coal miners back to work, major infrastructure projects, repeal (which was later changed to “Repeal and Replace”)


the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), important immigration reform, comprehensive tax reform, and reduction of regulations, especially in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some I hoped for…others, not so much!

What we are getting is bluster and sputter. What’s shaking with some of these promises and declarations?

According to reports from coal-mining country in southern Kentucky and West Virginia, not much has come from the White House that is boosting the return of coal jobs.


What little we are seeing, we can attribute to the efforts of West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice.


The executive order that removed restriction on dumping coal mining waste didn’t bring the opening of new mines, but it certainly unnerved a lot of people who live downstream and depend on fresh, clean water!

Legislation concerning the Affordable Care Act is stalled by any number of dubious “improvements;” and from what I’m observing many Republicans are questioning the proposed plan. What’s not to question when it will cost 10-20 million people their healthcare insurance over the next few years.

Immigration reform? Other than money in the federal budget (which is likely to be DOA in the Congress) for a wall along our southern border, not much is happening here either.


It appears that the administration is having a difficult time getting an immigration restriction on some Middle Eastern countries–which says to me that the new administration can’t even come up with a workable, temporary immigration proposal that passes judicial muster.

The truth is coal jobs are NOT coming back and repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act is doubtful. Comprehensive tax reform has turned out to be little more than a campaign ploy, which we hear about every four years. And, this country of immigrants is not going to look favorably on turning back people who are suffering. We had sad experience with that when we turned back Jews who were fleeing Hitler’s death camps. By boatloads we sent them back to their deaths.

Okay, so you say I’m expecting too much. Here’s how I look at it. President-to-be Trump said, “I can fix it!” He bought votes with startling promises. He even said he would accomplish “on my first day in office” some things that he has apparently forgotten. At the least, he has put some of his most brazen assertions about what he could do on the back burner.

President Trump hasn’t even filled a majority of important sub-level cabinet positions in his administration. He has assailed the nation’s press, calling it “the enemy of the people.” He has insulted his predecessor in a most noxious fashion–actually accusing him of a felonious act. He won’t even apologize, or admit the truth, after a congressional investigation has found absolutely no evidence of wiretapping or surveillance of Trump Tower before or after the election.

Trump has spent an inordinate amount of time pouting like a spoiled child.

He has piled up enormous travel and security expenses for us taxpayers running back and forth almost weekly between Washington, D.C. and his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach; in addition, taxpayers are paying for his wife and son’s security at Trump Tower in New York City. 


Considering that the nation provides a beautiful, perfectly adequate home for the president and his family in the nation’s capitol, this is a disgrace!

Mr. President, I’m a patient man. Let’s see what you can accomplish in your first 100 days.  So far, it isn’t looking very promising. And I’m afraid you are proving those right who say you are “unfit” to be president of the United States.