From high school age, I have always heard that all politicians are liars. I thought it was gross hyperbole–especially when I studied men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson, among others. Over time, I learned they, too, had their little secret lies.

In our modern, media era it’s difficult, particularly in public life, to keep a lie secret. Richard Nixon discovered that as did John F. Kennedy.

We now have a president who makes no attempt to hide his lies, asserting them confidently and repeating them often–assuming, I suppose, if he repeats them often enough people will eventually believe them.


Most major television news media have captured Donald Trump’s blatant lies on video. Several magazines, i.e. Paste, New York Magazine, and Forbes et al.; major newspapers, including the Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, and many other sources, which I have consulted, have made lists. “The Huffington Post tracked the public remarks of Trump and his aides to compile a list of 100 incidents of egregious falsehoods.”

President Trump has openly, publicly lied about trivial things–

Several times he lied about the size of the inaugural crowd on January 20, 2017. The day following his inauguration, he lied to the CIA about the inauguration crowd.


The inaugural crowd, he said, “looked honestly like a million and a half people” adding that “it went all the way back to the Washington Monument.” Photographs showed otherwise! He repeated this lie often during the first few weeks of his presidency.

Trump lied about the number of times he has appeared on the Time cover:  “Time magazine–and I have been on their cover, like, 14 or 15 times. I think we have the all-time record in the history of Time magazine….I’ve been on it for 15 times this year. I don’t think that’s a record that can ever be broken.”


Actually, Richard Nixon was featured on Time‘s cover 55 times. Time told Politico’s Playbook Trump had been on the cover only 11 times.

On February 16, 2017, Trump said drugs are “becoming cheaper than a candy bar.” They are not!

Trump has openly, publicly lied about some not-so-trivial things–

He claimed that under previous administrations, “if you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible.” In fact, almost as many Christian refugees were admitted to the U.S. as Muslim refugees in fiscal year 2016.

Trump said his administration had a “very smooth rollout of the travel ban.” His Executive Order on immigration caused chaos at the nation’s airports and has been suspended by the courts.


In signing an executive memo ordering the construction of the Keystone pipeline, Trump said “the project would create 28,000 construction jobs. ” According to The Washington Post Fact Checker on January 25, 2017, “the pipeline would create an estimated 16,000 jobs, most of which are not construction jobs.”

Trump said on the campaign trail that “if he were elected president, he would release his income tax returns.” He altered this statement to say that he could NOT release his tax returns because they were “under audit.” Not true! He could release them even if they are, but we have seen no proof that they are under audit! When asked about releasing them recently, he quipped something like “I got elected, didn’t I?”

Trump has openly, publicly lied about some critically important things that affect domestic policy and foreign relations–

In an interview with ABC (January 25), Trump attacked the Affordable Care Act and said there are “millions of people that now aren’t insured anymore.” Twenty million people have gained health coverage because of the law so far. The estimated 2 million people who did not qualify under the law received waivers that kept the plans going until the end of 2017.

During his speech at CIA headquarters, President Trump repeated the claim that he “didn’t want to go into Iraq.” He told Howard Stern in 2002 that “he supported the Iraq War.”

President Trump lied, on January 26, 2017, about Mexico’s president “agreeing to cancel” a meeting. “The president of Mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week,” Trump said at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia. “Unless Mexico is going to treat the United States fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and I want to go a different route.”


Pena Nieto, the Mexican president, tweeted that he called the White House hours earlier to cancel the meeting, adding, “I lament and reject the decision of the United States to continue building a wall that for years does not unite us, but divides us.”

Donald Trump has told a few real “whoppers” that, unfortunately, many of his avid followers have swallowed hook, line and sinker–

During his campaign, Trump repeatedly said “we are going to build a wall along our southern border and Mexico is going to pay for it.” Interestingly, now, Trump Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, is working to put “payment for the Wall” into the federal budget!

After he was elected, the president said his children would “serve no role in his administration.” Ivanka Trump not only has an office in the West Wing next to the Oval Office, but she has her very own Chief of Staff and Spokesperson (paid for by the government, too, I must add).


One of Trump’s biggest “whoppers,” has to do with seeing cheering when the World Trade Center collapsed.  On Saturday, November 21, 2015, during a speech at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, Donald Trump declared, “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down.  And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.” He repeated the lie several times in subsequent, video-taped speeches. 

“We looked back at the record to see what we could find about American Muslim celebrations in New Jersey on 9/11.  While we found widely broadcast video of people in the Palestinian territories celebrating, we found no evidence to back up Trump’s description of events on American soil.” [, January 22, 2017; Fact check by PolitiFact: Pants on Fire]

Apparently, the president is a pathological liar. According to Wikipedia, “pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck. … The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth.”According to Tamara Hill, MS, LPC, “Certain personality traits where pathological lying may occur include: narcissism or self-centered behaviors and thought patterns; selfishness; abusive attitude; obsessive, controlling, and compulsive behaviors; impulsivity; manipulative behaviors; deceptiveness; socially awkward, uncomfortable or isolated; low self-esteem; tempermental-ness; and anger.”

I have only touched the surface of lies catalogued by professional observers of President Donald Trump. Credit is hereby given to all of the media sources mentioned herein.

What can be done about the president’s lying? Probably not much, to tell the truth. One needs to keep in mind that he is a seventy-year-old man and his habits are deeply entrenched in his personality. It is crucially important, however, to know that little faith can be placed in what he says publicly. We have no idea what he tells people in private conversation. Even more importantly, we must support those people–military and civilian, friends and family–of clear mind and sound judgment who work closely, daily with the president.

It is not out of the question, on the other hand, that the president may sooner or later be compelled to testify in some matter relating to himself, his appointees, or his administration. In that case, he would be prone to, or predisposed to, lie under oath –which is a felony. He might, under those circumstances, inadvertently subject himself to impeachment proceedings, especially if the opposing party holds a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If this is a subject that particularly interests readers, I would suggest that they Google “Lies told by the president” or “Lists of Lies told by Donald Trump” or a similar topic. 

[This is an original article written by the editor; however, information was drawn from a number of sources.  I have made every effort to cite media sources used in compiling information and have used quotation marks wherever direct quotes are used.]