HERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO “WHERE AM I?”  1. Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2. Balloon Fest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 3. Panda (“Mr. Wu”) at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California, 4. Thomas Jefferson’s home “Monticello” at Charlottesville, Virginia, 5. Aerial View of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah, 6. Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri, 7. Skyline of St. Paul, Minnesota, 8. Niagara Falls, New York, 9. Lincoln statue at Lincoln City, Oregon, 10. Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Milt Hankins Columnist With a View

Milt Hankins
Columnist With a View

Many of our writers, including me, have said our piece about President Donald J. Trump.  We have been delighted to feature Richard Moberly, a writer from Jacksonville, Florida.  His latest “Vladimir Putin: Trump’s BFF” can be found in the Archives, too.  This is an article everyone should put on their “must read” list. Incidentally, Richard’s friend in Moscow is no more. His family received a box with his ashes!  Apparently, he became classified as “dangerous to the state.”

Readership always get a boost with Beth Rankin’s autobiographical pieces, and, invariably, she winds up in the top five monthly reader’s list.  A new writer with us, Maria Deneau, who has been sharing her experiences with Altzheimer’s Disease (and is highly qualified to do so) won first spot in November, 2016.  We have now published three pieces by Maria–all of which continue to get frequent clicks. 


We have featured James Merritt, a young writer.  His vignettes, sketches and short-shorts can be pulled up from the archives, or click on FICTION in the Categories. His work ranges from the utterly bizarre to the humorous.

Some time ago, we came across a fairly large collection of poetry by Ohioan Judson Jerome in the public domain.  We have been sharing this first-rate poetry with folks who read our webzine.  Jerome passed away a number of years ago; but, for years he wrote a column on poetry and criticism for Writer’s Digest.  We’re always looking for original poetry.

By the way, we continue to look for new authors who would like to submit a feature to promote their latest book.  Click through the magazine where you’ll find several examples of the type of thing we’re seeking. Generally a published book cover with a brief bio from the author, or perhaps, an article telling about how the story developed and came to be written.

We’re looking for fresh, informative, interesting and thought-provoking material. Good fiction and poetry has a place here, too. Just send your work to:

Scroll down to read “City of Mars,” a short poem by Theodor Henricks.

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CITY OF MARS by Theodor Hendricks

silently the darkness creeps
shrouded in mists of white
transforming the once familiar
into mysterious, alien sights
swallowing sound, chilling the skin
damp, it chokes the lungs
and makes the peace - more final
unnerving the old and young
and the iron stacks vanish
all but their eyes aglow
in a rusted dome of shadows
cloaked in mists as white as snow