unknown-913570_1280My work reflects the confusion of existence and the inescapable truth that we are born alone, live alone, and die alone.

The events that I have witnessed during my sojourn on earth convince me that the things that should be, rarely are, and the things that shouldn’t be, usually are.

Reality is a dream conceived by madmen who wish to convince us that they (and only they) know the truth, and if we would follow their lead meaning will fill our desolate lives. Dreams are reality only to the dreamer and reflect the insecurity of being isolated from the source of this magnificent creation.

Our situation upon birth stretches the awareness of our true nature to the breaking point, we fear death and the unknown. If the unknown were known, I fear we could not carry on with this charade called life. People chase after the illusion (the not real). The real can only be defined by what one takes with them at the moment of death. The illusion is always left behind for the living to fight over.