NEWS FLASH!  As of October 24, 2017, we have received special funding through our support team NULOU to help us continue publishing COLUMNIST WITH A VIEW through the end of the year and, possibly, indefinitely. Thanks to NULOU and all of our supporters. 

It is with considerable painful regret that we announce that, effective the end of October, 2017, we will cease publication of COLUMNIST WITH A VIEW. Simply put, we can no longer afford the costs associated with this grand endeavor. On a retirement income, with increasing personal expenses, it seems a good step. Sometimes, it seems, dreams simply do not come true!

We are pleased and proud that we reached readers throughout the entire United States and over 15,000 users around the world with timely, interesting and important pieces of writing.

We have a few articles “in the hopper,” which we hope to get into the webzine before the end of publication.

Our thanks and appreciation to all of the writers and contributors who supported this effort. If you enjoyed the webzine and would like to comment, we would be delighted to hear from you at:  amsmilt@windstream.net