[Editor’s Note:  The following paragraphs were originally posted on Facebook by Gina Stanley. We re-print them here in case you didn’t see them, and we believe they are worthy of wider dissemination. Stanley is an attorney who lives in Huntington, West Virginia.]

If we can believe anything that the Trump Labor Department says, the unemployment rate is 4.1% The labor participation rate is only 62%, meaning that only 58% of all Americans are employed as the term is defined. The labor force is defined as all persons 61 YOA and older who are employed or unemployed (meaning those actively looking for work). Homemakers are not included among those employed so the number has always been skewed.

In any event, the rate was around 66.8% in the 1990 and the rate rose to about 67.4% by the end of the Clinton presidency. It has declined since the election of Bush 43. The participation rate declined to 66% by the beginning of the recession and it has declined each year since then. Today, five percent fewer people are working or looking for work that in 2000, making the unemployment rate more like 9% than 4% percent [sic].

The statistic fails to consider those people who are over-qualified for their jobs and under employed as a consequence. Wages have been stagnant for years. I am still waiting for that wealth to trickle down. What can we do?

More tax cuts for the “already wealthy” is not the answer. In fact, a tax increase on upper incomes to finance a massive public works project to rebuild our infrastructure is the right prescription. They “already wealthy” don’t care aobut infrastructure in the rust belt. They don’t live there. 

The fuhrer principle required everyone in Nazi Germany to accept that Hitler had all of the solutions to Germany’s problems and that Hitler was always right. In its most basic form, the fuhrer principle required that Hitler’s orders must be carried out and that anyone who challenged his orders was betraying Hitler and Germany.

Why won’t Trump release his tax returns? We can be sure that the Mueller team has examined them with a microscope by now. I’m guessing that he must own stock in Colt, Remington, Winchester, GE and General Dynamics. His visit to Japan seems designed to scare the hell out of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinz to the trumpster) so that he will buy billions of dollars worth of new weapons from defense contractors.

The war on women continues. The University of Notre Dame will no longer provide contraceptives to its students and faculty. The Affordable Care Act mandates that such coverage be provided but Trump decreed earlier this year that employers and others can opt out of providing it on religious and “moral” grounds. The cost of oral contraceptives varies from $20 to $50 a month. Will the University provide maternity coverage and family leave to its employees or will it opt out there too?