I always dreamed of being a writer. It started when I was a youngster. I began by publishing my own community newspaper on a Hektograph. Now, most of you are way too young to know what a Hektograph was, but it was a gelatin-based system of, well, mimeographing–a very very primitive, early-type of a scanner! Everyone within a two mile radius bought my newspaper. The only people I had to write about were my neighbors, and I’m sure they wanted to know each week what I was writing about them. It wasn’t long before a local grocer actually purchased a full page, weekly ad (with specials and all) in my newspaper.

Then, when I started learning to type, my folks borrowed the money to buy me a portable typewriter. I used it all through my first year in college; and my sister used to laugh about finding crumpled up sheets of paper behind the sofa in my room. I would write something and thinking it wasn’t good enough, rip it out of the cylinder and start over again. I’d crumple it up and toss it behind the sofa…just like Ernest Hemingway!

Those are very early memories. But, as time went on, I wrote more and more and, eventually, published more and more. I started dreaming of starting my own magazine. Something I had always wanted to do…and the advent of the computer and the internet made it possible. If I could afford it!


I started writing weekly columns for newspapers about twenty-five years ago (maybe longer); recently–the past six years or so–I have written a regular, weekly column for the Huntington, West Virginia Herald-Dispatch. Long before I started with the Herald-Dispatch, I did a weekly theological column for a small newspaper in south-central Virginia, and, before that, I wrote freelance columns, articles, and articles for magazines and journals.  I thought about attempting to syndicate a column, but I never got that accomplished. Along the way, I also managed to write several novels (unpublished) and, since retirement, two published books.  Both of them are available on Amazon; and I can tell you, neither was a bestseller!

In July of 2015, I decided to bite the bullet and venture into the area of blogging, but I didn’t really want a “blog” per se. I wanted what I call a “webzine,” an on-line kind of magazine which would feature the work of creative writers far and wide on a wide variety of subjects. Of course, I would contribute, too. I had no idea how much the venture would cost, but it wasn’t long before I discovered it was somewhat expensive! Especially during this period when I am building up a readership and am unable to attract advertising.

So, the webzine COLUMNIST WITH A VIEW was born and began to grow. In fact, with the help of social media (especially Facebook friends) and constant, brazen advertising it has grown farther, faster than my wildest expectations. Columnist with a view is now read in every state in the United States and in over sixty foreign countries. ABSOLUTELY FREE TO THE READERS!

Still, for me, running the magazine is enormously expensive in time, energy, and…well, money! The webmaster and monthly maintenance fees, website name, etc., and, to be perfectly up-front, we are running out of resources in the money department. That brings me to this point.

First, I filled out all the forms for GO FUND ME, but I could not bring myself to go that route. Then, with help of my wife, we began to think of ways we could solicit financing without being “scammy” or pushy. We are NOT going to stop what had turned out to be an extremely rewarding project. Imagine, if you can, the joy of knowing some of your writers, who have never been published in a small, local paper or magazine, are being read all around the globe!

The truth is, however, that we could use a little bit of financial assistance from those of you who enjoy Columnist with a View. So, we’re just going to bite the bullet and ask you, if you enjoy the articles, are pleased with what you see in Columnist with a View and would like to help us out, we’ve come up with the way you can do so. Incidentally, eventually, we’d like to be able to pay a stipend to our writers!

With over 6,500 subscribers and many non-subscribing readers, we think even a very small donation from those of you who can afford to, and would like to, would be more helpful than you could ever know. We aren’t asking for a subscription fee. We’re just asking for a little help.

If you would like to contribute to the support of Columnist with a View (columnistwithaview.com), here’s how to go about it:

WHEN YOU VISIT THE WEBZINE, click on DONATE HERE and it will automatically take you to our GO FUND ME page.  It’s that easy!   Or, you can simply type into your browser:  www.gofundme/columnistwithaview