among the animals

man kills

his kind he has designs

mortality fills

his mind no velvet leopard ever

died for justice

slew with love

nor is his prey

politically assassinated


(the beasts)

are not inclined to suicide



in cages sometimes may

jerk half

their adolescent hours away

and maybe a rare


is gay

man’s friend the dog will mount

a leg or bitch

line up to take his turn

and not care which

but man


goes rutting all the year

preferring almost any

to his mate

devising means to be



his seed like shells

laying to be laying it

takes a man

to copulate

in hate

he plugs up any orifice around

or finding none

will fertilize the ground



a man

would sew up skins to hide

his loins and decorate himself

in pride

or shame

tattoo scars on his flesh or wear

a badge to indicate his rank

slaves labor

deep in African earth

to deck blonde hair

with diamonds

whales are drained of ambergris

so that milady may outsmell her neighbor

no other species

some drug or drink to free

it from

its mind

beasts never go to war to fight for peace



measures time

gives names

he shapes the stone

aware of his own death

therefore at odds

with nature

he torments himself with gods


among the animals