he sits there all alone

as so many nights before

slowly sipping coffee

at the table by the door

he gazes so intensely at the rain outside the glass

and sighs a mournful sigh

as he waits the day to pass…

(–why he sits and what he thinks

I venture not to say

but the emptiness he feels - I know

I lost myself that way–)

I know too well how lonely feels

I’ve had the splintered heart

I’ve cried that sea of sorrows

which no one can be a part

I’ve felt the disappointment 

of a love that’s turned away

I know the pain of hatred

from the words that people say

and I have scaled the mountain

and crawled the desert floor

I’ve blazed a trail through wilderness 

from short to desolate shore

I’ve cried up to the heavens

and cursed the wretched ground

I’ve screamed into the canyon

but, have heard no echoes sound.


I know exactly how he feels

I understand his pain

for I am he

who sits and stares

intensely, at the rain.

(c) 2009, LoveWorks Ink)