Lefty was a scrawny boy with thick, square glasses, green hair and green eyes. In kindergarten he was mocked as his arm hair was also green and he started to appear more plant than boy.


In his free time he would escape out of his yard. His parents put up a fence to keep him in, and the bullies out. Other parents encouraged the bullying by calling him a freak and worse even calling on the town counsel to evict Lefty and his parents from town. By thirteen Lefty got laser eye surgery as his present from his folks so the kids would not pick on him. At 16 he got laser hair removal, but no matter how many treatments he got his hair returned green as ever. He tried dying it only for it to come back deeper green the next day, followed by a week of migraines.

By twenty-two, Lefty was in a premier university studying genetics to solve his problem when he discovered he was not human at all. He had more connection to the mint plant than his parents.


Confused by this news he went to the people who raised him. Turns out he was the child of Mother Earth, a last envoy to human kind to change their ways before she wiped them from her surface. Knowing this, he went to tell the world. No one would listen so he grew angry and one day, after many years, he planted himself by the redwoods of California and sprouted a fungi from his head. The spores killed off humanity and spread Lefty’s children around the world… replacing humanity with walking, talking beautiful plants!