mattspoetrybookIn Matthew Haughton’s Stand in the Stillness of Woods, the inner life of a native Kentuckian is placed against the external life of that same landscape, and the two visions illuminate each other.

Leatha Kendrick says, “Matthew Haughton’s poems are the work of an observer keenly awake to ‘the darker nooks lurking at the edge of sight.  Spare and alive in every cell, they reveal a watcher both rooted and ready to bolt, whose sensibility embraces tree and deer, the woods and what lives, hidden, inside it–‘as if the world was a single body.’ Wildness haunts Stand in the Stillness of Woods, tinged with threat and tense with absence.  Deep love and deep unease coexist here, giving the book an elegiac feel,…”

Haughton’s book is available through  It would make a lovely Christmas gift, especially for those who love Appalachia and the mountain way of life.

Matthew Haughton, son of an eastern Kentucky family, grew up in Greenup County and graduated from both the University of Kentucky and Midway College. His chapbook, Bee-coursing Box (Accents Publications) was nominated for the Weatherford Award for Appalachian Poetry in 2011. His poems have appeared in many journals including Appalachian Journal, The Journal of Kentucky Studies, New Southerner, and The James Dickey Review. Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Haughton works as a public school teacher in his native Kentucky.