interview-851440_1280If you’re going to have a fight with someone, there are real advantages to picking on a federal judge. Judicial rules mean you can be just about as obnoxious as you want, and know that your opponent isn’t going to make a public reply. On the other hand, there are some issues—like the fact that you’re picking on a federal judge. This may tend to have the result that said judge doesn’t quite bend over backwards to make things easy for you in court.

A big part of Trump’s previous rants against Judge Gonzalo Curiel had to do with Curiel’s willingness to release some of the records related to Trump University, records that didn’t exactly make Trump’s educational con job look any less like a con job. Now that Trump has made an even bigger jackass of himself talking about the Mexican-from-Indiana judge, he’s back in front of that same judge begging for a favor.brainstorming-413156_1280

Lawyers for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are intensifying their drive to make sure the public doesn’t see videos of Trump’s recent testimony in connection with class-action fraud lawsuits over his Trump University real estate seminar program.

In a court filing late Wednesday night, Trump’s attorneys argued explicitly for the first time that the deposition videos should be kept under wraps because they would become weapons in the ongoing presidential contest.

So Trump is explicitly admitting that what he said in his testimony could stand against him in the election, donald-j-trump-1271634_1280but then, this is Trump’s own testimony, so what he says is going to be very, very hard for him to disown. And if there’s such a big public interest, why shouldn’t it be seen?

Hmm. What’s a judge to do? There’s a tradition—though not a law—around keeping video testimony of sitting presidents out of the public eye for a reasonable period. There’s no such tradition for candidates, no matter how much Trump’s team of lawyers is scrambling to make that claim.

Trump is just going to have to depend on the goodwill of the judge. That shouldn’t be an issue.

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“DONALD TRUMP ERASED ALL E-MAILS FROM 1996 TO 2001!” by Walter Einenkel

One of Donald Trump’s greatest defenses is that he is so utterly and impossibly grotesque in every way imaginable, that stories of his grandiose awfulness have a hard time gaining traction. Why write a story about how full of crap Trump is if it’s going to get lost in the river of sludge that is the history and life of Donald Trump? Is Donald Trump a liar and a hypocrite? Sure. Is he a hate monger? Yes, he is. But Trump is good for one thing—dismantling the Republican Party’s patina made out of hate and lies and hypocrisy. Maybe Donald Trump can gain some voters based on the Hillary Clinton email situation? Trump has the personal failing for that!

In 2006, when a judge ordered Donald Trump’s casino operation to hand over several years’ worth of emails, the answer surprised him: The Trump Organization routinely erased emails and had no records from 1996 to 2001. The defendants in a case that Trump brought said this amounted to destruction of evidence, a charge never resolved.

donald-j-trump-1390201_1280At that time, a Trump IT director testified that until 2001, executives in Trump Tower relied on personal email accounts using dial-up Internet services, despite the fact that Trump had launched a high-speed Internet provider in 1998 and announced he would wire his whole building with it. Another said Trump had no routine process for preserving emails before 2005.

Trump’s lack of a paper-trail is only dubious if your business is “importing and exporting”—if you know what I mean. In a lawsuit claiming that former employee Richard Fields took intellectual property, Trump’s missing emails proved to be a problem.

Trump sued Fields and the companies he had ended up working with on a Seminole casino, arguing that Trump Hotels should be entitled to all profits the casinos produced, which were expected at the time to be more than $1 billion over 10 years.

The companies Trump sued argued that if it was true that Trump Hotels had been pursuing a similar deal with the tribe, there would be emails and other records documenting their discussions. The judge agreed and ordered Trump Hotels to hand over emails, financial documents, executive meeting calendars and so forth

This is from the guy that said he didn’t use email or even have a private computer until 2007.donald-trump-1276068_1280

The New York Times obtained court documents containing hundreds of pages of sworn testimony from Trump over the past decade. The documents revealed that, as of 2007, the real-estate magnate didn’t use a computer at his home or in his office, didn’t send text messages, and didn’t email for a while.

Trump just goes down to the basement and turns on a radio and a fan to have a “conversation.”

Walter Eninkel is a regular contributor to Daily Kos, where this article originally appeared. We re-published this piece with permission.
THE GAY AGENDA by Richard Moberly

THE GAY AGENDA by Richard Moberly

For decades, this term has been bantered around by the conservative pundits as something to be feared and used to motivate other conservatives as a call to action.  Just what is the GAY AGENDA?


Being a witness to the “gay agenda” for the better part of the last forty years, what I have come to learn is very simple:  EVERY person born has the fundamental right to live, exist and grow to be the best person that they can be while feeling secure, protected and supported by those around them and the laws of the nation.  What is so threatening about that?  It seems a pretty reasonable expectation, right?  Yet throughout history, especially the last fifty years this has been met with resistance, disdain, hate, anger and backlash.

Now the easy explanation for this backlash is to blame it on the religious community and the doctrines which they promote.  I feel it goes deeper into our collective past and is a fundamental scar in our society.  People have a very difficult time accepting ANYONE who appears to be “different” from the “norm”.  The easy route in life is to surround oneself with those who think, act, behave and believe the same way.  Nothing upsets the proverbial “apple cart”.  This creates a closed mind and a closed society, which is exactly what has happened in many parts of the States and the world.

pride-828056_1280What these closed minds did not anticipate was that a group of people who are different from them would ever stand up and demand a change to that philosophy.  The result:  conflict, resistance and backlash.  From the drag queens at Stonewall in New York, to the streets of many other major cities and even the backyards of millions around the nation, gay people have set out to make a collective change in attitude.  To open that scar and allow it to re-heal into a more natural, healthier, more flexible fabric.

As each generation aged and stepped down from the leadership, the next generation stepped up to take the mantle and trudge forward, because that is what we do.  Without the determination, resilience, and strength within the millions of gay people standing together to say, “Enough”, there would not be the acceptance of many other people who are “different” for any number of reasons.

The misguided actions of the shooter in Orlando, FL. this past weekend has opened that scar just a little wider and my guess is that the collective strength from millions around the country will once again demand a change in the culture against the gun lobby and those closed minds who are resistant to acceptance of difference.  This time, however, we are joined with millions of straight allies from many more backyards.


Love is love, is love, is love, is love.


Richard Moberly lives in Jacksonville, Florida.



            An underlying, deep-seated anger is evident in our country these days.  One doesn’t find it necessary to give specifics.  It’s something we feel “in the air.”people-1316420_1280

          I’ve been inadvertently eavesdropping on conversations in restaurants.  Angry, loud talk.  Most folks at the tables are in agreement.  Friends, I take it, who think alike, spending time together reinforcing each other’s ways of thinking.

          Last week, dressing to go out for lunch, I found my old Obama-Biden T-shirt in my drawer.  Thinking to myself, “this is a perfectly good tee, and I haven’t worn it for five or six years.  Might as well wear it today.  It’s just a T-shirt.  Why shouldn’t I wear it?”  So, I did.

          When I walked into the lobby of the restaurant, a gentleman glared at me with undisguised disgust.  He turned his head and scoffed!  Not to be out-done, I walked over to him and said, “Hey, guy!  Haven’t you heard?  Obama’s running for president again…for a third term.  This time as a Republican!”

          The man stared at me, shocked.  “Where’d you hear that?” he exclaimed.  “Really?  Is it on the news?”

          At first, I thought he was joshing me but, by golly, he was dead serious.

          “Read it on the internet this morning,” I said, seriously.

          “I’m not surprised,” he said.  “Obama’s a ‘commie dictator!’  He’s takin’ the government right out from under us.”

          “You reckon people will vote for him for a third term?”

          “Yeah, sure,” he said. “People are stupid.  Like you, wearing that T-shirt!”

          Not insulted, as I turned to walk away, he muttered, “Well, I’ll be darned.  A third term….”

          He was upset…angry!  More people than we like to think are angry.  They’re angry enough to shoot up a theater, kill kids in a school classroom, murder people at a prayer service!

          Some of us mistakenly thought racism was a thing of the past when we elected a Black president.  Few of us saw the anger seething beneath the surface, nor suspected it would manifest itself in such raw, unspeakable violence.  That a policeman would shoot to kill a Black man whom he could have easily run down and subdued.  We never thought we would see a policeman throw a Black girl to the ground by her braids and draw his weapon on two typical teenage boys who just came over to see what was going on.

         people-1316292_1280 I remember a video on Facebook the other day.  A White, female policewoman had pulled over a Black man for not having a license plate on the front of his car.  Actually, he did.  She asked him for his driver’s license and his proof of insurance, but when he started to open his glove compartment to get his documents, she told him to stop.  She feared he was reaching for a

          He got angry…very angry!  He told her so, and she walked away from his vehicle without giving him the ticket.

          These days, I’m afraid anger resides just beneath the surface in too many of us.  It’s scary!

This editorial first appeared in the Huntington, WV Herald-Dispatch. It's a troublesome issue which needs to be brought constantly to our attention. Lots of people are very, very angry, so we should be very careful what we say and do in public. We never know how any particular person will react. The author has experienced many incidences similar to those described in this article.


Almost all of us are immigrants. Do you know your family’s heritage or is the trans-ocean story so many generations back that you have no real connection to that Old Country place? No stories?

Many people don’t remember so can’t even reach for empathy with this issue, but a recent short discussion with someone who recognized the nationalities of his grandparent immigrants made me think about what was different between his experience and mine.  Because there was one.

not-allowedThe big difference was that my grandparents were part of a discriminated group when they came and for decades after, and my family education was full of stories of that experience. During my childhood I was carefully taught.  I have struggled with that, trying to accept all people as equals, knowing full well they may not feel the same about me.  I have been the brunt of discrimination myself and yet I recognize it is not bad compared to so many others.

It is perhaps because of my heritage and this discrimination that I have supported the fight for equal rights and equal access under the law for all people. For gays. For the transgendered. For people of color. For people who may even sneak in, mostly on visitors’ visas and overstay their permitted time.

Now, with Trump’s massive acceptance by an angry mostly white population that generally is not highly educated, we see just how dangerous life in the United States can be for people who are different. Not white. Not the right religious expression and practice. Not men, although there are many women who are part of that angry group thinking they are okay. You’re not okay, women. Your turn will come.

All of our turns will come. It has happened before and we are seeing the start of a horrible eruption.

It has to be stopped Irish no blacks no dogs

We are ALL Americans. It took a nation of immigrants for over 150 years to build this nation.  We called it a “Melting Pot” for years but that has changed. Now, more than even before, new immigrants stay isolated from mainstream society. Because of this, the language barrier persists. Because of this, the education gained is less. Because of this,  fewer and fewer than even 20 years ago feel that they have to fight for a place here.melting pot

The United States used to be a beacon of hope and opportunity to the world. Not now. Now we are getting a worldwide reputation for being a country of hate. And, of stupidity.

The hyphenation has to stop. I don’t need to know if someone like Bobby Jindal is an Indian-American. Saying that makes me realize he is “different”. I don’t need to know if the judge in the Trump University case is a Mexican-American. Saying that makes me wonder what the “problem” could be.   I don’t care what your heritage is.

I DO care about your ethics and your activity in being an active productive member of the community that makes up a strong nation that believes in freedom and liberty. I DO care if you are accepting that others in your community have equal access to education and opportunities.  I DO care if you are a loving person or a jerk.

Don’t be a jerk.technological-unemployment