In a deep dark dungeon,
Never seen by mortal eyes,
There lived an evil monster
Of magnificent size.

I set off on an adventure
To smite this mighty beast
And be rewarded with plenty gold
And a mighty, mighty feast

I rode on horseback through the woods,
With sword & shield in hand.
I met some men crestfallen,
A dragon-slaying band.

They said they lost a comrade
To the creature in the cave.
They told me, “Sir, please save him
If you are so brave.”

I agreed to help their friend
And I kept riding on.
I would not rest at all until
This dragon-fiend was gone.

I kept riding on for days
‘Til I was finally there;
My final destination
The monster’s evil lair.

I ran in, ready to fight,
The dragon spitting fire.
It raised its claws to strike me,
But my sword was raised much higher.

I slash my blade into its foot
And blood starts gushing out.
I stab into the monster’s breast
And then it starts to shout.

It tries to burn me with its flame
But I block them with my shield.
The battle rages on for hours
‘Til my foe begins to yield.

I find the perfect chance
And I chop the dragon’s head.
The victory belongs to me,
My sword has been stained red.

I find the lost warrior
Weak and on the ground.
I tell him that his comrades
Will be glad that he is found.

I take him to his group of friends,
They start to celebrate.
They all start to thank me
For rescuing their mate.

I say that it’s no problem;
I ride into the setting sun.
I must find more beasts to slay,
My journey’s just begun…


"Parker?" "Oh, yeah, definitely." Freshman Class President, Parker Strickland, has an old rocker's soul. In his younger days, he wanted to be a movie producer and director. However, his dreams have turned towards his band, ViperHawk, where he is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Many a night he stays up jamming on his electric guitar or creating YouTube videos for gamers. Whether he's making a mini-movie, practicing new guitar chords, or creating fantastical drawings and comics, creativity abounds in this young man.