the miraculous

cosmic orgasm



life giving

God’s grace given in full

as darkness disappears

into the light of a new day

this is Mercy

beyond rationality 

this is Truth 

beyond certainty

this is

the Promise fulfilled

this is the serenity

of morning.



a table for two

yet one seat is empty

coffee for one

has not quite the taste

a lonely sea voyage

‘gainst pinnacles rising

such beauty, such splendor 

but so far away.

now solitude may be one’s only salvation

yet blinded by love might suffice, 

clouds among mountains

hide but such wonder

if see by the world

t’would be a great

so flies the flag lonely

yet still she is strong

she stands through the mists

she waves there enthroned

by the one single symbol

that give her such strength

that carries her high on the wave,

yet, is used and abandoned

and taken for granted

by Shakespeare and the rest of his lot

for they bathe in the treasures

of love and its pleasures

that’s hidden, only found when confessed,

still I lie awake

int he arms of no other

yet laden with sweet loneliness.

at a table for two yet one seat is empty

coffee for one 

tastes so bitter.



paths of orange and white

twist through the forests green

reflected in your wild blue eyes

against smooth brown skin

inviting me to cut my sails

and lay anchor in the bosom of this exotic wilderness.

do I give in to your erotic hypnotism?

or have I already made my choice?


[Theodor Henderick is a Kentucky poet who resides in Greenup County.  “…his poetic works deliver a profound and complex perspective on rural blessings, metro curses, and international voyages. Open your mind and heart and you are sure to enjoy the subtle nuances of Theodore’s compilations on life, love, family, and finding and accepting yourself in an ever-changing world.” –Sharon Smith.  We are delighted to feature his work in]