Trees in the Woods

Trees in the Woods

A grandfather and his young grandson walked through the woods.

“Grandfather,” the boy asked, “Why do trees only talk when the wind blows?”

The Grandfather replied, “The trees are always talking, but it is only when the wind blows that we can hear them. Long ago the trees were as loud as you and I, but nothing save the mountains and oceans can remember that long ago. The trees were chatty and often rude to every creature on earth, so a powerful group of magic-workers cursed them into silence.

“As a result, for many years, the wisdom of the earth was lost to human beings. Since the trees had served as envoys, men were no longer able to seek the earth’s counsel on great matters.  You see, trees could speak to humans and the earth alike; but a time came when magic-workers, men and women, were hunted because their powers were feared.

“The last Great Wizard knew he must seek the tree’s wisdom to save the magic of the world from man’s corruption. Unable to undo the spell of the mighty group, he decided to relieve it, so he breathed in great breaths for a hundred years; then, after swelling to the size of the moon, he let them all go. Sadly, this killed the Great Wizard.  His final spell–the spell to learn the tree’s wisdom–was named after him. The Great Wizard’s name was

“So, until this day, when you are walking through the woods, if you listen carefully you may hear the earth’s wisdom. Or, just a rude joke about how you are dressed!”

James Merritt is an energetic, creative young man. He recently traveled across the United States for the sheer joy of it. He is now living in Maryland, where he serves part-time as a nanny for his brother's children and does some substitute teaching.