As I write this, the New Year -2017 - is 13 days away. When you read this article, the New Year will be here. I write with mixed feelings about the future of our country - especially since President-elect Trump has already signaled changing diplomatic relationships with a number of adversarial nations.

While courting favor with the Russians, Mr. Trump is routinely taking antagonistic stances toward the Chinese. As to Iraq, Syria and North Korea, three of our most dangerous adversaries, Trump’s policies appear to shift with the sands.eyes-1571860_1280

Truthfully, most of us have absolutely no idea what will happen following President-elect Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017. We do know that the Trumps will not be immediately moving to Washington, D.C. We do know the new president has indicated he plans to serve without pay, that he plans to intermingle his private security force with the secret service, and that he does not plan to continue investigative activities toward his opponent.

All being said, if he doesn’t change his mind between now and then.

I have been asked if I am keeping a list of Trump’s campaign promises, and whether or not I plan to call him on them. I have; and, I will. I deeply opposed the election of Mr. Trump, so it would be nothing less than disingenuous to ignore his governance.



I’m trying very hard to “look on the bright side of life.” I really do, down deep, want President Trump to succeed, because, if he succeeds the country succeeds. At least, at this point, I’m trying to believe so. Let me put it another way. If President Trump does not succeed, we have four miserable, nonproductive years ahead of us, where nothing we might see as progressive, and changing or growing takes place.

If President Trump goes all out, for example, with a gigantic, full-throttle infrastructure rebuilding and improvement plan, I see an avenue for considerable success for a Trump administration.



If building and repairing our highways, bridges, tunnels, railway tracks, airports - well, you get the picture - then we will see an unbelievable upturn in employment. Blue-collar and nonprofessional jobs should be abundantly available!

Paying for such a progressive program seems to require the administration, along with Congress, to support a tax program that simplifies tax preparation as well as making it truly progressive - with the highest rates at the top and the lowest rates at the bottom would be a success for everyone.

I am full of hope that a highly successful “builder” in the presidency would surely have an eye toward rebuilding our country’s I’m truly hopeful that the man who promised to “Make America Great Again” - even though a hefty majority of us already felt pretty good about America’s greatness - will bring about the kinds of improvements that will convince us the election of Donald J. Trump for the presidency was not such a bad thing, after all.

The bottom line is simply: We’ll just have to wait and see!

[Milt Hankins is a theologian, former pastor, author, publisher and editor. His website is  He writes a weekly column for the Huntington, WV Herald-Dispatch where this article first appeared on January 2, 2017.  He lives in Ashland, Kentucky with his wife Deborah and their playful Chihuahua “Jose.”]