The Legal Information Institute informs “The 25th Amendment, proposed by Congress and ratified by the states in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, provides the procedures for replacing the president or vice-president in the event of death, removal, resignation, or incapacitation.”

Two presidents–Richard Nixon by resignation and Ronald Reagan by temporary incapacitation were subjects of the 25th Amendment.

It is time Congress and the Supreme Court seriously consider the mental “incapacitation” of President Donald Trump, declaring him “unfit for the presidency” and incapable of fulfilling the constitutional duties of the office.

Here’s why this writer suggests such a strong action:

President Donald Trump is a proven, pathological liar–to the extent that the American public, as well as leaders of foreign nations, cannot accept the president’s statements as reliable. As a matter of fact, The New York Times, PolitiFact, and I have catalogued hundreds of Trump’s public prevarications.

The president is incapable of carrying out the duties of his office. He has spent a major portion of his time in the Oval Office undoing the work of his predecessor. He obviously cannot work with Congress to move important legislation he promised during his campaign. He has failed to achieve a single, notable issue on his agenda except for the successful appointment of a justice to the United States Supreme Court.



Trump’s foreign trips have been unmitigated disasters! He lambasted NATO for its lack of contributions to defense spending, embarrassed foreign leaders, disavowed the Paris Climate Agreement, and declined to hold a single press conference. His one accomplishment, an arms deal with Saudi Arabia, was narrowly approved by the United States Senate.

Trump said during his campaign he would be so busy he would rarely leave the White House. He has spent nearly every weekend of his presidency far from the White House–most weekends at his plush Mar-a-Lago estate or golfing at various Trump resort locations.

Intentionally insulting the press and various personalities in the news media have precipitated a real breach between the president, news agencies, reporters and his own spokespersons. He calls the American press “the enemy of the American people” and regularly calls newspaper reports not to his liking “fake news.” The press is the only profession explicitly protected in the United States Constitution.


President Trump is legally and morally dubious. He is well-known for broken contracts, bankruptcies, and was sued for his role in the phony Trump University. He has been married three times, each time having a relationship with his future wife before divorcing his current wife. As a result, he has five children by three wives. Obviously, the Republican focus on family values has shifted dramatically!

Many other indicators favor application of the 25th Amendment, but perhaps most important is the fact that Trump, his campaign staff and, especially, Michael Flynn are under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Intelligence Committees of both houses of the Congress.

Never before would such a person have been considered for the presidency, or, tolerated in the highest office of the land. Dare the Congress and the Supreme Court much longer allow this unqualified individual to occupy the Oval Office?



(c) 2017, L. Milton Hankins (all rights reserved)