A man of thought and wit trudged ponderous halls. Every step lead him closer to finality; every movement made for those he loved, and those he hoped to save. Alas, he was only human. Thus he was forced to deny his inner peace for the cursedness of dealing with common man.

A quiet girl, with long-flowing hair whistled as she walked beside the creek. The monster did not know her true nature as it stalked her. Jovial and kind was she, until the beast showed its face. At that instant her kindness fled; her sword drawn, she sliced off its head…incapacitating it while she diced and chopped it to oblivion. Afterwards she sang while anonymously she left beast steaks around the kingdom. She fed all the poor children of the kingdom. Riches a great person does not make, but her heart and being were more precious than any stone the earth could ever give up.


Stacy was a happy child, loved; and though her parents were not rich, she wanted for nothing. As a teenager she struggled through, as all teenagers do. She never dated because she was preoccupied with being happy.

The years quickly passed and Stacy watched her friends date and marry and begin to raise families. Every guy and girl she dated ended things by telling her it wouldn’t work as she was too happy. She begin to wonder if she should try to be unhappy so she might not be so lonely. Finally, she gave up and embraced her happy loneliness.

Everything changed when she met Danger. Blonde hair, green eyes, and the magical ability to make her happy, sad, angry, and adored all at the same time. Danger dazzled her with praises, but Danger’s nature could not feel love. Stacy chose to love enough for both of them. Yearning for the day Danger returned her deeply-felt emotions. The days turned to weeks, to months, then years. She ignored her soulmate as she was strung along by the dazzling blindness of Danger. One day Danger disappeared. He left behind their twins–Regret and Loneliness. The day Danger disappeared their daughter Satisfaction disappeared as well. Stacy embraced her twins Regret and Loneliness and for the rest of her life searched for, but never found, her daughter Satisfaction.

At the end of Stacy’s life Danger, bringing their daughter, reappeared. Satisfaction was all grown up. At the last hour of her life Danger, Satisfaction, Regret, and Loneliness watched as Stacy took her final breath. Only then did she meet her life’s final companion, the one who had just been beyond her reach her whole life…Peace. Peace looked a lot like Danger, but took Stacy’s hand and brought her to the next adventure after this life.


The dead rise, the leaves fall, autumn on call

When life is about to end for all of mankind the minds of the billions are none to mind.

Work in the shops never end, not with a war, but with a bang.

A desolate rock is all that is left.

No one to bereave the dead. Humanities’ virus at an end. Everyone dead

No friend to lend a spade, or trowel the dead left unburied.

No wolf left to howl.

A coffee to blame just a tad bit much caffeine and the button pressed a nuclear war disarmed.

No hope for the billions; just a few left in space. All that is left of the human race.

The pachyderms, cats and kangaroos not but burned bones, and cooked animals in zoos.

The seeds in the poles all that is left, but no farmer to sow them,

so rot is all that is left.

Not enough time to evolve a new kangaroo, for the sun shall burn up the planet before life can renew.

All that shall happen I prophesied here.

All that I prophesy is down to a beer.