wellness-285590_1280I am a massage therapist and Reiki Master/Healer/Teacher.  I feel blessed that I am finally, at the age of 63,  pursuing the profession that I was meant to be performing all my life, but never had the courage and will to commit to it.  That all changed four years ago when I found myself unemployed from the corporate job that I had hoped would lead to my comfortable retirement.

My first venture into energy healing was in 1995.  I was living in Phoenix at the time.  It was an eye opening experience from which I would never look back.  Since then, due to life’s circumstances it went onto a back burner.  For those unfamiliar, Reiki is a far Eastern tradition where the Reiki practitioner learns how to channel the Source energy through the chakras of the hands. chakra-659123_640 We learn to essentially transform the physical body into a “hollow reed” and allow the life force energy to freely flow through us and make it available to the recipient to be used however their body requires.  A side effect of that flow of energy through the skin is that the skin acts like a resistor and the hands become increasingly warm to hot depending on the amount of flow.

I became aware of my angels during that time in Phoenix, as well.  I would “hear” them providing me direction from time to time.  One particular event where my angels saved my life from a tragic auto accident confirmed to me of their presence.   Had I not listened to their whisper in my ear, I would not be here today.

A good client of mine shared that her husband was just diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer which had all ready spread to the lymph nodes.  I asked her to bring him in to see me before he started the chemotherapy in two days. chemotherapy-448578_640 He made an appointment for the next day.  He had no knowledge or previous experience with Reiki, but was willing to submit to a session.

As I began a full body Reiki chelation treatment for balancing and cleansing to prepare him for the onslaught of the chemotherapy drugs, I asked my guardian angel, Michael, for assistance with this challenge.  Immediately I felt his presence on my back and the tingling of his energy as he lowered his arms and hands onto mine.  At the moment his hands touched mine, I “saw”, in my mind’s eye, a white glow from my hands.  This was a first.  Michael started the session with me but left a short time later.  He had accomplished what I needed him to do, which was assure me that my work was justified and capable of meeting the needs of my client.  His presence affirmed for me that indeed, I am doing the work that I need to be doing and validated my Reiki practice.  At the end of the session, my client’s eyes were brighter, his attitude was lighter and his mood appeared to be uplifted.  He stated that he felt more relaxed.  I requested that he return for additional treatments before each successive chemotherapy treatment.  I hope that he found it to be a positive and beneficial experience and will indeed return.

We all have guardian angels available to us. guardian-angel-678502_1280 If you have not asked yours to reveal themselves to you, I encourage you to do so.  Their response may come with a whisper in your ear, an energetic touch or just a feeling of a presence around you.  You just need to be open to their communication in a moment of silence and meditation.  Good luck.

Glowing Hands

Glowing Hands